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Summer internship at Alientech Sol Pvt. Ltd, 2021

Hello, My name is Neel Shah. I am a 4th year student at CSPIT,CHARUSAT UNIVERSITY pursuing Btech(I.T.). The world is facing a pandemic and many people and industries are facing problems and losses to even survive in these situations. As an IT student and an engineer, one should always do something productive or learn something new no matter what the situation it is. our college came up with a task of small and useful internship programme for a duration of one month during the summer 2021 in our country. Students did the internships from their respective home and gained much of the industrial level knowledge. I did the internship with a company named AlientechSol Pvt. Ltd based in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India where I live.

This internship started with a nice introduction to the industry level tools and technologies in the web development field. I learned how to design and implement web development tools like sublime text, python, Mysql, Microsoft Visual studio. I learned about the different types of licenses that are required to make products(eg:- MIT licenses), I also learned about some database concepts and how it is used in industries, I also learned about how to design and develop database for web applications, I learnt about node.js which is a Javascript runtime environment, I also came to know about Django which is mostly used with python as a framework for web Applications, and HTML, CSS were one of the skills that i was taught during my curriculum in the college which i applied during this internship for designing templates for the project, the most important part is that our project manager(Mr. Hardik Kotadiya) also taught us about the values and discipline and skills that we should develop to get sustained in the industry.

About the Project:

The project that i was engaged in was at Beta(test phase)level of its development, the project was called Farmeasy Accomplished farmer’s portal. This project was aimed at helping farmers of the country, the fundamental features of the projects were that it provided farmers with different knowledge on how to cultivate crops smartly, use government schemes and benefits to support them financially, where to buy the machineries and seed for the cultivation at subsidised prices, it also had a feature of expert suggestions which included farmers to talk with agro scientists and agriculture experts through the portal regarding solving issues like crops yield, infections and diseases in farming, etc. the portal also contained partnered ventures from different parts of the country that could supply essential equipments and raw products to farmers at subsidised rates and with an ease of transportation.

My contribution in the project as an intern was to design and implement different types of front end GUI’s i.e. graphical user interface and database designing. I inserted the data into database. this was a completely new experience for me as the company did not use the traditional Structured query Language but they implemented Database Management System concepts with different types of database like MariaDb, PostGre SQL, MySQL, etc. The project is still at it’s trial phase. So, the final technologies that will be used to establish the website and web application is still not decided.

As the company’s policy I cannot share the Beta version of the project but here are some of the glimpses of the project that might look like after it’s establishment.

here is the glimpse of how the industry level database of a project looks like:

CONCLUSION:- This internship has been an excellent and rewarding experience for me. I’ve acquired amazing new skills from working with Alientech Sol. I have also learnt many values and ethics like commitment, teamwork, dedication, flexibility, organisational fit, technical discipline and development standards. The work I’ve done could not be said to be extravagant but it has been a new learning outcome for me and can be improvised through the time.

internship duration: 05th june 2021–05th july 2021

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Information Technology Graduate, CHARUSAT UNIVERSITY,2022